How to open a lengthy Gmail message completely?


Many users utilize Gmail and they also know that the number of characters in a Gmail message can be in a large quantity or we can say that the limit on using characters is not so low. It is an big advantage for Gmail users that they can send long messages but sometimes it becomes an issue to the users when a long message receive in their Gmail account and they are unable to open that message entirely. Users think that what they should do to open the long message entirely. With the help of this article, we are explaining you the whole procedure step by step to open a long message entirely. If you have any other issue regarding Gmail then our specialists are available here to provide Gmail Tech Support Service.

Open a long Gmail message entirely:-

The steps are really easy to perform and will help you in performing this task.

(a). Every time you have to log in your Gmail account for performing any activity.

(b). Now click on the selected message to open it.

(c). You can see a “Show original” option on your screen, hit on the option to select it.

(d). Then take the cursor in the address bar of your web browser, click there and select the entire URL. Once you have selected the URL, it will highlight with blue color.

(e). Now you have to press Ctrl+C, if you are using Windows and LINUX and Command –C for Mac for copying the URL.

(f). It is the time to go to the “Open Entire Gmail Message” page on your web browser.

(g). Paste the copied URL at this page by Pressing Ctrl+V for Windows and LINUX and Command –V for Mac.

(h). To open the entire Gmail message, click on the “Open Entire Message button or hit the “Enter” key.


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