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Hotmail Customer Service Number USA

Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail being the most popular email service provider has earned millions of trusted users since it has launched. Microsoft’s Hotmail fulfills all emailing needs of users with its optimal design and innovative tools.

If you are a Hotmail user, one minute from your precious time can save you from all the issues and problems which you might encounter with Hotmail in future. In the given write-up users have been provided with the guidelines to resolve the issues which they might have with the mail account.

With the help of these tips, users can solve the issues without taking the assistance from anyone else. The proficient Hotmail customer service professional can also provide their assistance in case users are not able to solve the issues with Hotmail by following the guidelines provided below.

Resetting the Hotmail Password help of Hotmail Customer Support Team

Resetting the Hotmail password is a child’s play. This may occur with the users that they fail to remember the Hotmail password sometimes. In this case they can reset the Hotmail password with the phone number or the recovery email address that they have provided while creating the account.

Hotmail Account has been hacked?

If you are getting unknown messages in your inbox, it means that your Hotmail account is being operated from somewhere else by some other person. The fact is that your account has been hacked. By changing the password of your Hotmail account you can recover from hacking.

Hotmail account has been blocked temporarily?

User sometimes, gets the message that their account has been blocked temporarily. The account is blocked because of the suspicious activity is found in the mail content and the contacts. Users need to use the Hotmail account very carefully.

Users can unblock their account by answering the security question and then they will be sent the security code on the phone number or the email address they have provided while signing up for the email account. Through the security code users can unblock the email account.

Recover the deleted mails in the Hotmail Inbox

Users may find that all the mails are missing from the inbox. They can recover all the missed or deleted mails in the separate ‘deleted’ folder in your Hotmail account by clicking on the link ‘Restore deleted mails’.

Attachments are not loading with emails

Users can send the documents and media files to anyone by attaching them with mails. Hotmail gives users a limit of 25 MB of data as attachments with the mails. If you are a user who is getting the issue with attachments, you need to check the size of the attachments you are adding with the emails.

Hotmail technical Support

The errors which have been explained above are the most common errors which users frequently find with the Hotmail account. But there are many more but very small technical issues which users may run into with the Hotmail account.

For all such technical issues which Hotmail users find with the email account they can have the professional help from the team of Hotmail technical support.

With the Hotmail technical support users are effortlessly provided the online help so that they can get the smooth and error free run of their Hotmail account.

Hotmail Customer Service Toll Free Helpline Number

Users having issues with the email accounts can contact on the Hotmail technical support helpline number where the professionals provide the desired help to all.

The Hotmail helpline number is toll free and stays active 24x7 without failing. All the users can reach the Hotmail Customer Support anytime in day or night to take the needed solutions of their concerns with the email account.

The toll free helpline number is for all the Hotmail users who reside in USA and Canada. Residents of USA and Canada can call on the customer support number and can avail the professional Hotmail customer support assistance from experts.

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