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Windows Live Mail Customer Service Number USA

Windows Live Mail Customer Service

Users might have number of issues with windows live mail but the large numbers of issues are very general which users can solve themselves.

There are numerous users who seek for the Windows Live Mail customer service can call on the helpline number provided online to get the solution of their problems.

Here the list of general problems and their solution have been provided.

Problem signing into the Windows Live Mail Account

Users are sometimes not able to sign in to their email accounts even they enter the correct username and password but in fact one of the login details may be incorrect.

It is either your password or the username incorrect. That is the reason users are unable to log in to your account.

Resetting the email accounts’ password by Windows Live Mail Customer Service

When users forget the password of their email accounts it is very hard to remember that because users always choose such password which is harder for them to remember once they forget that.

However users can reset the password of their account by providing the answer of the security question and the link will be sent to the connected phone number or the recovery email.

Recover the deleted or lost emails from the inbox

Users may see sometimes that the inbox where all the messages are saved is empty.

It may happen due to the reason of hacking or users may delete the mails unknowingly.

Users can get their all mails restored in the deleted folder given in the Windows Live Mail.

Recover the contacts deleted from the contacts list

User may be in a panic situation when he loses the valuable contacts from the contacts list.

It has same thing as it was with the issue of deleted mails from the inbox.

User may delete the mails or someone else, your friend or a hacker whoever has managed your account deleted the contacts.

Users can get all the contacts back in the contacts tab where all the contacts are saved.

Users can click on the link of ‘deleted’ contacts where he can get the option of restoring of all the deleted mails.

Unblocking of the blocked account help of Windows Live Mail Customer Support Help Desk

Whenever the users’ accounts are blocked, the reason is one. Email providers if find any doubtful activity in the emails or the email content, the account will be blocked.

If your Windows Live Mail account has been blocked temporarily, you can unblock the account by answering the security question and identifying friends’ contacts .Users will then be sent the security code to unblock the account.

Facing off the issue of hacking with Windows Live Mail

If you are a Windows Live Mail user and you have noticed that your account is logged in even after you have logged out; it indicates that the account has been hacked and the email account is being handled by anyone else from other location.

This issue has only one solution; change the password of your Windows Live Mail account.

Windows Live Mail Technical Support

These were some common issues as mentioned above and the Windows Live Mail Customer Support is available for such and many other issues The whole list of contacts is missing or some of the contacts might be missing in your email account.

If any user is not able to resolve the technical concerns with his email account, The Windows Live Mail Technical Support is available for all of them.

Windows Live Mail Customer Support Helpline Number

The users who have their email accounts with Windows Live Mail can get the online windows live mail customer support through the helpline number that is available online for all the users of USA and Canada.

The Windows Live mail technical support helpline number is toll free for all the users and the professionals who are active 24x7 can get you the preferred resolutions of your all concerns with Windows Live Mail.

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